Monday, December 5

[MEDIA] "H-O-R-S-E" with John Grant Jr. vs Matt Gibson

"JOHN GRANT Jr vs MATT GIBSON | HORSE - Watch as two of the games best go at it in on of the most epic games of HORSE ever played." [youtube: stringking] ... !
  • VIDEO: "SMALL SIDED GAMES (3 v 3) - Watch as TBL competes in a small sided game and LYLE THOMPSON explains the purpose and benefit of small sided games. Small sided games breed creativity and fun. Challengers accepted!" [youtube: thompsonbrotherslacrosse]
  • VIDEO: "SYRACUSE vs CORNELL 1987!!! - A white hot PAUL SCHIMOLER shut Syracuse down, while TIM GOLDSTEIN and the Cornell offense light them up on the other end."  [youtube]
  • VIDEO: "Recruiting Anxiety (A Lacrosse Talk) - A look at the stressful lacrosse recruiting landscape, misconceptions that create a ton of anxiety for ambitious high school players, and a few ways to reorient our perspective." [youtube: powlaxpatrickchapla]
  • VIDEO: "ARMY Lacrosse Perfects The Art Of Celebration" [youtube]
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Tuesday, November 29

[OLD SCHOOL] Throwback NLL - - NY Saints Rocking The Field Lids & more!

"NEW YORK SAINTS vs PHILADELPHIA WINGS [NLL] - February 5, 2000 National Lacrosse League action in Philadelphia. The new and improved Saints come marching in." [youtube: hofnetminder35] ... SAINTS rocking the field lids!
  • VIDEO: " - JORDAN DURSTON breaks down his highlight goal against the Buffalo BANDITS [NLL] on March 5, 2016. Teammates JOEL McCREADY and LOGAN SCHUSS share their view on how the goal was scored." [youtube] ... Double toe-drag.
  • VIDEO: "PAUL RABIL Inside Finishing Tips - When it comes to inside finishing in lacrosse, there are many things to consider to to help make you an elite goal scorer. When to throw the right fake, where to place the ball and the reach of your stick are all important, especially to the top midfielder in lacrosse, Paul Rabil. has teamed up with Paul Rabil and the Paul Rabil Experience to bring you Paul's three things to help you become a better finisher when in tight against a goalie ..." [youtube: laxdotcom]
  • VIDEO: "STOCKPORTS vs HEATON MERSEY, NEMLA - On Saturday 26th November Stockport (blue) played Heaton Mersey (yellow) in the North of England Men’s Lacrosse Association (NEMLA) Premier Division at Stockport Lacrosse Club, Manchester, England." [youtube: phildocherty]
  • VIDEO: "Native based lacrosse at Puvugna" [youtube: pacificlacrosse ]
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Wednesday, November 16

[TIPS] Let the KEEPER Get Some, and More !

Lacrosse Skool - BLAZE RIORDAN Teaches Baiting Shooters. [EncoreBrand]
  • VIDEO: "NOTRE DAME Lax Experience, A BRONX Tale -  As part of a fall trip to New York, the Notre Dame Lacrosse team visited CARDINAL SPELLMAN High School in the Bronx, NY for the Notre Dame Day of Lacrosse, co sponsored by CityLax. With players in a attendance from across the five boroughs of New York, Notre Dame lacrosse head coach KEVIN CORRIGAN and his team hosted a clinic for all in attendance followed by a special alumni game, despite less than ideal weather conditions. The day long event is just one of the many ways the Fighting Irish try to give back to the lacrosse community in an effort to continue the games growth, especially in inner city areas." [youtube: laxdotcomtv]
  • VIDEO: COLIN DOYLE Retirement Press Conference - On November 9th at a press conference at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre in Oakville, Ontario, Toronto Rock captain Colin Doyle announced his retirement from the NLL after 19 seasons. [youtube: torontorocklaxx]
  • VIDEO: "WJZ Spolights Lacrosse Tournament Benefitting The BRIGANCE BRIGADE FOUNDATION - Lacrosse teams competed Sunday, November 13 at the Big 12 Fall Lacrosse Tournament, where all proceeds benefited the Brigance Brigade Foundation. O.J. Brigance made a special appearance to thank all the teams for their support."[youtube: brigancebrigade] ... Providing family's with ALS, hope and help.
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Wednesday, November 9

[GEAR] LYLE THOMPSON Unboxing The New NIKE N7 Line!

"LYLE THOMPSON Inspired NIKE N7 Line Unboxing -  This November for Native American Appreciation Month, Nike N7 sent out a seeding kit to its high profile athletes and naturally Lyle Thompson got his. The line was inspired by Lyle, who was born into the HAWK CLAN and features black-and-white feather prints with a touch of turquoise. Watch as the inspiration himself unboxes his seeding kit here." [youtube: thompsonbrotherslacrosse] ... It's NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH, ya'll! This month, BLACK HISTORY MONTH and MOTHERS DAY or any other similar type of observation is every day of every month as far as we're concerned here at YYL.
  • ARTICLE: "Upstaters Witness North Dakota Pipeline Protests As Cops Swoop In " [] ... "Part of the donations included nearly 40 lacrosse sticks. Powless taught the kids how to play lacrosse on a small field built next to the Haudenosaunee sub-camp."
  • VIDEO:  "TEAM CANADA vs UNIVERSITY OF DENVER - In a matchup pitting the defending world lacrosse champions and one of the top collegiate programs in the US, the Canadian National team took on the Univ. of Denver in a fall ball scrimmage. Despite jumping out to an early lead, the Pioneers were unable to hold off the Candians, as Canada defeated DU by a score of 15-13" [youtube: laxdotcomtv]
  • VIDEO: THE JOURNEY, BONUS EPISODE - Outtakes from the U19 Men's Lacrosse World Championships in Coquitlam, British Columbia. [youtube: uslacrosse]
  • VIDEO: One-Handed Swat - The Fly Drill | Project 9 Lacrosse [youtube: paulrabil]
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Monday, November 7


"NLL 1988 SYRACUSE SMASH vs PHILADELPHIA WINGS - National Lacrosse League Action from Philadelphia as the visiting Syracuse Smash try to steal a victory from the high flying Wings." [hofnetminder35]
  • VIDEO: ANKLE BREAKERS VOL. 1 [youtube: deadendlacrosse]
  • VIDEO: "MYLES JONES | PLAYER ANALYSIS - In this video we cover MYLES JONSE's split dodge and step-down shot." [youtube: dyglacrosseshootingacademy]
  • VIDEO: "LACROSSE SKOOL | BLAZE RIORDAN TEACHES GOALIE TECHNIQUES - In this 13th Episode, Blaze discusses positioning and how this makes you a more effective goalie." [youtube: encorebrand]
  •  VIDEO: "BEHIND THE BACK - SHOOTING 101- When used properly, the behind the back shot increases your shooting angle and allows you to finish creatively around the crease. So for today's lesson, Professor CHANENCHUK goes over proper technique for ideal setup and execution." [youtube: lacrosseunlimited]
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