Thursday, June 15

"Facility Tour: ARMY WEST POINT Men's Lacrosse - Head Coach JOE ALBERICI takes you through the new FEN Center and other aspects of the Army Lacrosse facilities." [youtube: GoArmyWestPoint]
  • VIDEO: "The Box,  Post Game Show - 2017 NLL Champion's Cup Final - Mia Gordon and Tyson Geick recap a very exciting game two of the Champion's Cup Final
    Official YouTube of the NLL." [youtube]
  • VIDEO: "2017 NLL Champion's Cup: Georgia Swarm Playoff Beards - The Georgia Swarm proved that they could win a Champion's Cup this past weekend, but are they able to grow proper playoff beards?" [youtube]
  • VIDEO: "Chip Buzzeo, Head Coach of the three-peat boys lacrosse State Champion NEW CANAAN High School joined us tonight to talk about their recent Championship run, his playing career, the state of the program moving forward, and more." [youtube: ctsportsnow]
  • VIDEO: "The ViICTOR Blue Devils win their 3rd Straight NYS Lacrosse Championship with a 9-3 victory over YORKTOWN in the Class B Final. [vimeo]
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Sunday, June 4

Sunday Lax Linkage

BOSTON vs DENVER [MLL] Highlights. [youtube]
  • ARTICLE: "Back to Their Roots - New Generation of MLL Players Giving Back to Fans" []
  • RADIO: "Lacrosse - A Symbol Of Family And Tradition For Four IROQUOIS Brothers" []
  • VIDEO: "Pure Goal Highlights 2017 Senior B Lacrosse INDIANS vs AXEMAN" [youtube]
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Friday, June 2

MLL Press Pass,The Fred Opie Show feat. The Thompson Bros,Tewaraaton Awards & more!

MLL Press Pass: June 1 [youtube]
  • PODCASTThe Fred Opie Show - "Thompson Brothers Talk About New Lacrosse Movie Spirit Game, Pride Of A Nation" [soundcloud: thefredopieshow] ... Great episode, finally someone touching on these issues - check it out!
  • ARTICLE: "College lacrosse: MARYLAND sweeps the 2017 Tewaaraton Awards" []
  • VIDEO: "Project 2  - Profile on DENVER University Lacrosse Player CHRISTIAN BURGDORF " [youtube]
  •  VIDEO: Maverik Lacrosse - HOSTESS CUPCAKE DAY [youtube] ... With BILLY BITTER. 
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Thursday, June 1

1992 NCAA Men's Lacrosse National Championship - SYRACUSE vs PRINCETON. Andy Moe scores title winning goal in second overtime for Princeton. [youtube]
  • DRAFT: Results of the 2017 MLL Collegiate Draft []
  • VIDEO: "
    Tri-State Boys Lacrosse Top 20 poll (5/30)
    Tri-State Boys Lacrosse Top 20 poll (5/30)
    Tri-State Boys Lacrosse Top 20 poll (5/30)
    Tri-State Boys Lacrosse Top 20 Poll (5/30/2017)" []
  • VIDEO: "GETTYSBURG Mens Lacrosse 2017 - A look inside the huddle of the 2017 Bullets season. [youtube: oliverlowe]
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Wednesday, May 31

LUDACRIS To Perfrom at 2007 NLL Championship, June 4.

  • VIDEO: "MARYLAND Lacrosse, First Championship Since 1975 - JOHN TILLMAN, Head Coach of UMD Men's Lacrosse, joins the Junkies following the teams first national championship since 1975." [youtube: 1067thefan]  
  • VIDEO: "CLUTCH - 2017 College Lacrosse Game Winning Goals - 2017 was an exciting year for lacrosse, with many one goal games and overtime wins. Here's a majority of the goals that propelled teams to a victory in a close game ..." [youtube: yardsale] 
  • ARTICLE: "Lacrosse puts baseball on notice in proud towns of EAST LYME and WATERFORD" []
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