Monday, August 18

YumYumLax Presents: Lax Tats II


YumYumLax, is proud to present a second installation of LAX TATS ... lacrosse tattoos ... ouch ... couldn't hack it and had to go with one of THESE ... check out our first installation from way back ...
  • VIDEO: "Ross Johnson, Chillaxin' in Cali". [via youtube]
  • VIDEO: MIKE POWELL's skills are nothing short of def defying. Wish we had more opportunities to see him play this summer. With all the talk of PAUL RABIL in '08 we almost forgot about MP. His hamstring injury sidelined him throughout the season, but he still registered some big games. Seems like some folks are getting crunchy about Mikey's approach to the MLL. Although it must be frustrating for fans, CANNONS fans especially, he cannot be the reason the CANNONS aren't in the playoffs. MP is an artist and an athlete ... two very demanding jobs. It's hard to say which role means more to MP, but either way as a lacrosse dude, MP is the truth. The current BOSTON CANNONS need to play together for a little longer before we start talking about trades. Stop the hate, he'll come around. You have probably already seen some of this footage compiled on youtube of him slicing and dicing fools when he was at 'Cuse ... here it is again ... a lesson on how to roast your defender and put the ball in the back of the net ... [youtube]
  • whoa ... "New moves for the 1947 lacrosse team? Larry Eccles ‘48 perches on the shoulder of teammate Percy Ransome ‘47." ... check out the size of dudes legs (pause) ... []




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