Thursday, December 29

YumYumLax Presents: LaxTats™ IV

JAKE ELLIOTT [@jakeelliott2], Director of Western Scouting for the MINNESOTA SWARM [NLL] & Play by Play man for the NLL, WLA & BCJALL shows off his first of two lax tattoos. The text "Bia Nui Hunokeli" meaning "beer hunter" in Hawaiian / Polynesian, is a nod to his club team, The Notorious Beer Hunters or COQUITLAM BEERHUNTERS ... Some nice detail on the lettering as well as on the traditional wooden stick.

This next one, also belonging to JAKE ELLIOTT references the COQUITLAM Jr. A ADANACS, a team Jake both played for, and coached ... Always have had love for this logo. Look how the Indian and the baby Indian each have a stick ... Little man is just cooling out in the papoose with his wand. Must be nice ...

Clint Jones, goalie for the IROQUOIS IRONMEN [CLAX] showing off some leg, and his quad covering tattoo of a traditional wooden stick accompanied by a pair of decorative wings ...

Dig the shading on this one ... [via FrankSalustri]
Short & sweet. Check back soon for Lax Tats V ... #YYL
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