Thursday, December 29

YumYumLax Presents: LaxTats™ IV

JAKE ELLIOTT [@jakeelliott2], Director of Western Scouting for the MINNESOTA SWARM [NLL] & Play by Play man for the NLL, WLA & BCJALL shows off his first of two lax tattoos. The text "Bia Nui Hunokeli" meaning "beer hunter" in Hawaiian / Polynesian, is a nod to his club team, The Notorious Beer Hunters or COQUITLAM BEERHUNTERS ... Some nice detail on the lettering as well as on the traditional wooden stick.

This next one, also belonging to JAKE ELLIOTT references the COQUITLAM Jr. A ADANACS, a team Jake both played for, and coached ... Always have had love for this logo. Look how the Indian and the baby Indian each have a stick ... Little man is just cooling out in the papoose with his wand. Must be nice ...

Clint Jones, goalie for the IROQUOIS IRONMEN [CLAX] showing off some leg, and his quad covering tattoo of a traditional wooden stick accompanied by a pair of decorative wings ...

Dig the shading on this one ... [via FrankSalustri]
Short & sweet. Check back soon for Lax Tats V ... #YYL
  • VIDEO: The 2012 NLL regular season officially starts January 8. Preseason highlights from the TORONTO ROCK's recent 15-13 victory over the MINNESOTA SWARM. [youtube]
  • VIDEO: MATT POSKAY; GAIT Athlete, BOSTON CANNON [MLL] and new head coach at WAGNER College talks about the rule experiments and possible changes coming soon for the NCAA" []
  • ARTICLE: "SYRACUSE lacrosse junior JOJO MARASCO [@JoJoMarasco22] will be called on to bolster midfield this season" []
  • VIDEO: Artist MICHAEL GOTTLEIB - "Making The Lacrosse Portrait" [] ... Check out his portfolio.
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Wednesday, December 28

PRINCETON vs HOFSTRA [NCAA] from 1989!!! (1st Quarter ... 34:48 running time) ... Watch as JOHN DANOWSKI & BILL TIERNEY go head to head on LONG ISLAND, NY back in the days ... [vimeo]

PRINCETON vs HOFSTRA Lacrosse 5.13.1989! (3rd Quarter ... about 27 minutes running time) [vimeo: greg sofield]

  • ARTICLE: "YEAR IN REVIEW - Seven to rememeber " [] ... top seven MLL games to remember of 2011.
  • LINK: "MLL Seeks An On-Air Host" ... “Inside the MLL,” a 30-minute magazine show that will be aired on CBS Sports Network and []
  • NEON: Brine Neon Lacrosse Balls ... [] ... whoa.
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Tuesday, December 27

Lacrosse, DUBSTEP style ... Parts 1 & 2 ... Set to Skrillex. [youtube]
  • ARTICLE: "With CASEY POWELL Out, Who is The NLL's Best American?" []
  • ARTICLE: "SYRACUSE University lacrosse team hopes it's next wave of stars is waiting in the wings." []
  • VIDEO: "Couple of bros shooting top shelf" [youtube] ... in their back yard.
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Saturday, December 24

Happy Holidays ... "Chris Carlson (Uc Santa Cruz '11) sends this kids stick into space" ... [youtube]

  • VIDEO: "SANTA vs The Yeti" ... One of the warehouse workers at gets captured by the Yeti and Santa has to come to the rescue ... []
  • ARTICLE: "ANALYSIS - How SYRACUSE's Move To The ACC Will Impact The Orange Lacrosse Program." []
  • EVENT: POWERBALL Lacrosse Tounament in Atlantic City, NJ on July 20-22 2012 - Men’s and women’s open competitive divisions, a men’s masters division, and a men’s grand masters division ... Powerball will feature an elite men’s division with a CASH PURSE of $25,000 awarded to the top finishers. []
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Friday, December 23

1996 promo for WLA "Game Of The Week" & "Tip Of The Week" with Dawn Bensmiller. [youtube] ... !
  • VIDEO: "First Annual VILLANOVA Baseball vs Lacrosse 6AM Strongman Competition" [youtube]
  • ARTICLE: "Scouting Report - Lacrosse Boarding Schools" [ via @LaxCoachMike]
  • VIDEO: Behind the scenes - Red Bull Under My Wing with PAUL RABIL ... []
  • LINK: Looks like the Lax Swami will be back ... ??? []
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Thursday, December 22

WOODY's NEWSREEL - Lacrosse at 2:23 ... [youtube] ... thhrrrowback!
  • VIDEO: JEREMY THOMPSON shows MAX SEIBALD around the ONONDAGA RESERVATION and explains the history of the sport of lacrosse. []
  • ARTICLE: '[NLL] Teams Announce Their 23 Man Rosters - Tough Decisions Made As Rosters Are Cut Down" []
  • VIDEO: "Mercersburg Academy's head lacrosse coach offers admission advice for students who hope to play lacrosse at a prep school." [youtube]
  • ARTICLE: "GRAHAM Named New Head Coach At VASSAR" []
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Wednesday, December 21

"Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family from NOTRE DAME COLLEGE Lacrosse ... " [youtube: NotreDameFalcons]
  • ARTICLE: "Coaching Drill - Even - Down - Even" [laxcoachmike via]
  • ARTICLE: "SB Nation's Official Invented Lacrosse Name Registry" []
  • ARTICLE: "NLL Get's New Jerseys?" []
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Tuesday, December 20

[via Flickr: Mike_Anthony]
  • PRESS RELEASE: "PHILADELPHIA WINGS [NLL] Players Twitter Handles To Replace Players Last Names On Back Of Jerseys For February 12" []
  • VIDEO: "Thailand Lacrosse - TLA Highlights from 2011 Season covering the home games against Hong Kong and Singapore in Bangkok. " [youtube]
  • VIDEO: "Molly Mita ... Cascade Helmet design and technology." [youtube:ilacrosse]
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Monday, December 19


YEATMAN activated by the DOLPHINS ... LXM PRO laxer & NFL Tight End WILL YEATMAN waived by the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS then activated by the MIAMI DOLPHINS. In other matters, DOLPHINS cheerleader Lilly Robbins? "Uh ... Yump" and Ahmad Jamal's - "Dolphin Dance" on a Monday morning ... #YYL
  • RADIO: LaxLive 4.6 - MARISA INGEMI [@Marisa_Ingemi] chats it up with MLL Commissioner DAVID GROSS [@MLLCommish] and offers this interesting RECAP of all the important things happening in the world of Major League Lacrosse ... Marisa also talks to NEW WESTMINSTER Sr SALMON BELLIES [WLA] President & General Manager DAN RICHARDS [@SalmonbelliesGM] []
  • VIDEO: Face-Off Boot Camp Tip # 1 | Tip # 2 ... [youtube: gordninstitute]
  • ARTICLE: "MEADE Named U.S. Men's National Senior Team Coach" []
  • VIDEO: Laxing it up in a promo for FOX's "Teen Wolf" ... in Spanish. [vimeo]
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Sunday, December 18

"GOALIE WARM UP - BILL DAYE, Coach MURPH and the rest of the CANNONS take shots on MLL Goalie Of The Year JORDAN BURKE." [youtube: LaxSchool]
  • VIDEO: PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 "BILL DAYE, former head coach of the BOSTON CANNONS, talks with Scorch and Zito about leading his team to the 2011 MLL Championship and shares some lacrosse stories." [vimeo: MediaBoss Television]
  • ARTICLE: "NLL would like franchise back in Vancouver, but there's no date in mind - yet" []
  • PHOTO: "Late night 80's HOPKINS / CAROLINA action on VHS ... #NCAA #Lacrosse #YYL #analog" - @YumYumLax twitterfeed ... []
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Wednesday, December 14

John "Stumpy" Eneways is Canadian Athlete of The Year 1931 ... [youtube]
  • VIDEO: "US Military Academy and Team USA Assistant Coach JOE ALBERICI describes how he approaches the NCAA lacrosse recruiting process" [youtube]
  • VIDEO: Q & A with GARRETT BILLINGS of the TORONTO ROCK [NLL] before December 10th exhibition game vs WASHINGTON STEALTH. [youtube]
  • VIDEO: "GORDON CORSETTI from the Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association explains how to position yourself properly during a clearing restart. This video details restarts from the trail official's side, the lead official's side, and restarts from an end line out of bounds and a sideline out of bounds." [youtube]
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Sunday, December 11

Enjoy some box lacrosse hits from "War On The Floor" ... [youtube]
  • ARTICLE: "Lacrosse - What's Good For Toronto Is Good For Vancouver" []
  • VIDEO: "STEPHEN KEOGH [@skeogh28] working with the PENFIELD Youth Lacrosse Boys during a Saturday Winter Practice. Over 57 boys participate in the program and each had the chance to learn from the 2x NCAA Champion and 3x NCAA All-American from SYRACUSE University. Stephen was the #2 overall selection in the NLL draft in 2011 by the ROCHESTER KNIGHTHAWKS." [youtube]
  • ARTICLE: "Work In Progress - Lift As You Climb. A roundtable discussion on diversity in lacrosse" by Clare Lochary [@clochary] []
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Monday, December 5

"'Lacrosse The Pond ... offers American Student athletes the opportunity to pursue a Masters degree furthering their education, while continuing to play lacrosse and experience a different culture while improving the standard of lacrosse in the UK on a continual and sustained basis ...'" More info at [Vimeo]

  • VIDEO: "Lacrosse Playground presents Episode 3 of "In the Crease" with special host Quint Kessenich. Featuring HOFSTRA All-American goalie ANDREW GVOZDEN. Created by" [youtube]
  • VIDEO: Maverick University - JOHN CHRISTMAS demos the split dodge. []
  • PODCAST: JOSEPH MARES [@JoJoWAR_DRUMMER], host of "Lacrosse Social Media Show (LSM Show)" speaks with guest CARLO SUNSERI [@LaxVideoGame] creator of the College Lacrosse & NLL Video Games for the XBox. []
  • LINK: "Looking for a quailifed music person for game nights for the OSHAWA MACHINE and the DURHAM TURFDOGS [CLAX] [and] for people that are interested in volunteering in gameday operations. Contact Krista Jasmer; Director Of Game Day Operations -" [via]
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Thursday, December 1

crop image
HARRISON ARCHER (U of DENVER) doing the side-step on #41 (OUTLAWS) when the University of DENVER PIONEERS upset the DENVER OUTLAWS of the MLL at the Colorado Lacrosse Showcase ... D'Oh !
  • VIDEO: TORONTO ROCK [NLL]: 2011 Training Camp Day 1 & 2 [via @RockBeatToronto]
  • VIDEO: 2011 HAWAII INVITATIONAL highlights I.L. | LAX-SCHOOL. [youtube]
  • LINK: Cheers, to the rumblings of MIKEY POWELL returning to the MLL ... See "The Mikey Powell" 6oz Four Roses Bourbon, served neat as calculated by ... a site which provides drink recommendations based on the music you're listening to. []
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