Wednesday, February 11


YumYumLax & BLUEPRINT LACROSSE PRESENT: "THE PRINTS' PICKS ~ Week 2" Weekly NCAA college lacrosse picks selected by THE PRINTS, (The Prince, get it?) who went 12-3 last week ... Let's see what "The Prints" has to say about this weeks match-ups ...  Also, check his DIII & DII picks of the week, do you agree   
  • MARIST over AIR FORCE "MARIST has some sleepers from NY who will be too much for the ACADEMY"
  • BINGHAMTON over SACRED HEART "SACRED HEART still trying to find their D1 niche"
  • BRYANT over BUCKNELL "No way BRYANT goes 0-2"
  • BU over CANISIUS "BU is tough. Good coach and saw him a lot on the recruiting trail. It pays off again this week"
  • DENVER over DUKE "This will be a great game! Can go either way but, with a few key suspensions at DUKE, DENVER prevails"
  • FAIRFIELD over HOLY CROSS "With the loss of MoJo at the helm at HC, it will take a year or two for the CRUSADERS to get going"
  • LEHIGH over FURMAN "Coach MEAD will take his lumps. This will be a good game but, LEHIGH has too much talent for the Purple"
  • HOFSTRA over MARQUETTE "MARQUETTE has a great color scheme for uniforms but, Coach TIERNEY will not lose to them. No way!"
  • LOYOLA over PENN ST "LOYOLA lost a tough one last week, they take it to the LIONS this week. Hard."
  • MARYLAND over NAVY "In state rivalry that dates way, way back in time. Always a good game but, MARYLAND sinks the MIDSHIPMEN"
  • UNC over UMASS "UNC has a nice offense this year. The UMASS gritty nuts n bolts defense no match"
  • NOTRE DAME over GEORGETOWN "ND still has the stud power and defense that carried them last year. They take down the HOYAS"
  • PENN over UMBC "This game will be a good one with PENN winning in a nail biter"
  • RUTGERS over RICHMOND "RUTGERS will be way too much for the upstart SPIDERS"
  • HIGH POINT over SAINT JOSEPH'S "Don't sleep on HIGH POINT. Beautiful campus will attract many top recruits. They are good"
  • DIII Pick of The Week: WESLEY over FERRUM "Coach GARROW will have his team ready for the opener. He is a seasoned vet, he knows how important the first game of season is"
  • DII Pick of The Week: SAINT LEO over COKER "Coach JORGENSEN always has his Lions ready for the season. He is intense and so are his players like JAMES MACKENZIE and MILES BRITTON"




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