Monday, May 25

[PRINTS' PICK] NCAA Division I Lacrosse FINALS

1pm face-off, today. The FINAL countdown. (Cue music.) It's been a long road to Memorial Day Weekend and the NCAA Lacrosse Finals are only a few hours away. We want to thank The PRINTS, who has made this 2015 season a fun ride by taking a moment from his hectic flying schedule to send us his picks every week. He should be finishing up his world tour soon and will be stateside in time for BLUEPRINT Lacrosse Camp: Westerly July 13-16. Never a dull moment ... - Laxwell Smart

MARYLAND over Denver: "Both these teams proved me wrong but as you can tell, parity runs deep in lacrosse these days. The semis didn't let any lax fan down. A pair of 1 goal games with an overtime game, can't ask for more than that. I am going with MARYLAND and their defense which I have been boasting about since Week 1 when they held Navy to one goal through four quarters of play. Holding a team under five goals is hard to do these days, never mind just one goal! It is obvious face off specialist TREVOR BAPTISTE is a U of DENVER stud at the draw but, the goalie play of TERPS' KYLE BERNLOHR is impeccable. For all you youngsters out there, watch the match up of MARYLAND defender CASEY IKEDA against DENVER's CONNOR CANNIZZARO. That will be a match of the ages"




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