Tuesday, June 23

[TWIG TUESDAY] Rare, Limited Edition IROQUOIS Shaft / Traditional

Here's a rare piece from the YYL Stash that only a few hard core laxers are lucky enough to have in their quill. The custom shaft from the traditional beaut' you see before you was made by our good friends at BEACH DOGS Lacrosse,  and the head was strung-up by YumYumLax / Beach Dogs wand magician The SOUZ. Less than 75 of these bad boys were made, some aluminum and some co-branded with EPOCH Lacrosse carbon fiber. A small run of these limited edition IROQUOIS shafts fade from purple to yellow to white and a small run made for the AQUIDNECK CANNONS fade from navy blue to orange to white. Both designs feature the HAUDENOSAUNEE Flag based on the HAIWATHA WAMPUM BELTBeach Dogs Lacrosse Camp has hosted a long list of players and coaches from the IROQUOIS National Lacrosse Team for years (including the Thompson Brothers) and has forged a reputation for honoring the Creators Game well before the recent wave of popularity of doing so swept the lacrosse world. In fact, you may have spotted two time TEWAARATON Trophy winner LYLE THOMPSON using this shaft a few times at U ALBANY in the past. You can only get this type of stuff if you sign-up for the camp. Among the star studded cast of coaches, Beach Dogs will have the legendary wooden lacrosse stick maker  ALFIE JACQUES at camp this summer! ...  YumYumLax a.k.a the ORIGINAL Lax Linker,  dropping another gem on ya', in another edition of #TWIGTUESDAY




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