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[PRODUCT REVIEW] Sports Food Technologies - Sports Food Electrolyte Hydration Strips

Sports Food Technologies-Sports Food Electrolyte Hydration Strips 
Words and photos by Laxwell Smart

Since we opened up shop in 2006, testing out innovative products has been part of the gig here at YumYumLax. Sometimes we publish our opinions on the products companies send us and sometimes we don't, but either way we're always eager to see what new technologies are on the horizon, preferably before everyone else catches on. After all, we too are seeking a competitive advantage, whether it be with a new training tool, piece of equipment, or in this case, a way to stay hydrated longer in an attempt to maximize performance. 

If you're a coach, after a game you may often find yourself cleaning up the junk your players have left behind on your bench or on the bus when you get back home from an away game. Aside from the occasional absent minded young whippersnapper who's left his cell phone behind, the two things lacrosse players leave behind the most are athletic tape, and empty sports drink bottles. Sports drinks are in every kids bag and litter every lacrosse sideline because young athletes drink them on their way to games, during games and after games. These tasty, brightly colored, cleverly packaged beverages are especially hard to resist when they are marketed as performance enhancing beverages that athletes "need". The problem with sports drinks is that they contain an exorbitant amount of sugar. In recent years, there is a silent movement amongst health conscious individuals that sheds light on the fact that sugar is an addictive and deadly substance. Deadly for reasons which I will refrain from explaining here, however I highly recommend you enlighten yourself on the topic of how sugar consumption in the U.S. is killing us all, by watching the documentary "Fed Up

I can't remember when, but at some point early in my athletic career I was introduced to the term "electrolytes". At that time, well before the internet existed and before I was hipped  to coconut water, the only place I knew where to acquire and replenish my body of these mysterious lost electrolytes was with a sports drink. My flavor and color of choice was faithfully "blue", and I would keep a stash of bottles for those occasions after a game, a long run, or the morning after a late night even. Now I am a more sugar conscious version of myself and drink more water than anything.  I still believe water is the best choice during and post work-out or competition, but lugging a water bottle around can be cumbersome and is not always ideal. Well it's 2015 and we still don't have flying cars like the Jetsons did, but there is some pretty cool new technology, including a new viable electrolyte replenishing system.

Enter Sports Food electrolyte hydration strips. Wait, strips? Yeah, strips. They dissolve in your cheek or on your tongue. You can tuck these tiny packets in your waistband or sock even, and get a quick blast of hydration as a dietary supplement by taking "two strips before working out, and two during [your] workout", as the label suggests. Here's a video they made that details the wonders of this new technology.

I decided to put these to the test. If you've been a faithful reader of our lax-oasis on the world wide web, you may have noticed that we keep it incognito around here. For the sake of this review I'll let you in on the fact that I'm a post-collegiate player (like way-post-collegiate) and a coach who is gearing up for summer ball and camp season. I usually prep for this time of year with some cardio and a pretty intensive wall ball routine, which incorporates a lot of movement. By the way kids, the key to good wall ball, is movement. Remember that. Anyway, Just before I bounced to one of my usual wall ball spots, this one in Central Park not far from YumYumLax HQ, I dropped a couple of strips on my tongue and immediately felt the effects. Whoa, dude. I wouldn't say it gives the same kick as an energy drink (which I never drink and swear against), but there is a sensation that is hard to describe which put a little extra pep in my step. I went through my routine on a hot New York City summers day and about halfway through, just when things were getting extra sweaty, I took two more strips. I think they worked. It's hard to tell after a couple of uses, but in theory, I could see these things catching on. Although the folks at Sports Food Technologies warned me about the taste, I thought they tasted fine. The packet of strips easily fit in my pocket and it literally took me two seconds to reach into my pocket and take and I want to say that they pushed me to go further. Best of all, no sugar and no calories. I'm going to give them another try today, and will keep you posted on any new developments. See for yourself. They retail for $5.99 on their website, and can be purchased HERE ... 

Finally, I'll share a quick story about what happened when I tried to take a photo of the packet they sent us. I propped the package on our balcony and was about to snap the flick and all of a sudden a gush of wind blew the packet off the balcony and it landed smack dab onto the street below, a busy Central Park West with cars, cabs and busses whizzing by. I quickly jetted downstairs, and to my surprise, not a single car had run over the packet. The hydration gods were with me.  I decided to play it safe and take a photo of the packet across the street in Central Park right after recovering from my mishap. 
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