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TRADiTREE -Traditional lacrosse pocket stringing aid.
Words, photos and videos by The SOUZ
The SOUZ here with another review for all you lax fiends; this one is for all the stringers out there

The guys over at TRADiTREE were kind enough to send us a set of TRADiTREE's to test out and review. The set includes a Traditional TRADiTREE, a Pita Pocket TRADiTREE, and a Six Shooter TRADiTREE. You can imagine how excited we were to get our hands on these ... Basically Christmas morning for a stick stringer.

Before we get into this, I'd like to mention that following this review, there will be three follow up videos which preview each of the TRADiTREE's (Traditional, Pita Pocket, & Six Shooter). So keep an eye out for those in the near future!

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I'm just gonna say it, I love these things. They make every single aspect of stringing a stick with leathers twice as easy for stringers of all skill levels.  The TRADiTREE offers a blueprint to follow along with as a guide for beginner stringers who may be stringing their first traditional pocket. This clever invention also takes the guess work out of the process, so that more experienced stringers can focus on the smaller details that will really make the stick a winner.

I found that the most valuable asset of the TRADiTREE is that it helps one to consistently string a pocket that is symmetrical, not too tight and not too loose. What more could a stringer ask for?!?! After stringing three or four sticks with the TRADiTREE, every single one had the exact pocket placement that I desired, the perfect depth (not illegal if you were wondering), and most importantly threw and eventually shot like a charm. Over the years I've found that stringing a traditional pocket that threw well was fairly easy, however stringing one that threw and shot well was a much, much, much more difficult task.

** Side note: Why didn't I think of this? **

You may notice that in the video, I used the Traditional TRADiTREE to string a variation of a Pita Pocket. I did this because after testing out the TRADiTREE's on a handful of different heads, I found that I liked the middle leathers a little wider apart from each other than what the Pita Pocket TRADiTREE provided.

Note that in one of my next three videos I will use the Traditional TRADiTREE to string a normal traditional pocket for your viewing pleasure.

All in all, the TRADiTREE gets an A+ from me. Whether you're trying to get the hang of stringing with  leathers, or you just want more consistency in your stringing, I would definitely recommend adding some TRADiTREE's to your arsenal of tools.
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Editors Note: We had to take Part 1 of our video series down due to technical difficulties. Please bear with us as we attempt to rectify this situation. We expect to have said video back up and running soon. Thank you for being patient.




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