Tuesday, August 25

[TWIG TUESDAY] Brine Clutch Superlite & Epoch Dragongfly

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Hope your summer was a good one, because (hate to break it to you) it's over. Sorry, had to slap some sense into you for a second there. You need to start thinking FALL BALL, which is rrrright around the corner. Anyway, around here we lift you up just as quickly as we bring you down. Hopefully this edition of #TWIGTUESDAY will inspire you to put your flip flops away and start figuring out what set-up you're going to use this season. @GaryLax34's BRINE CLUTCH X Superlite on an EPOCH Dragonfly in a cool lime green and carolina blue colorway, with East Coast Dyes Hero Mesh, complete with triangle top-string and one nylon shooter, seems  like a fine option to consider. Interesting how Brine chose to recycle the Superlite name. Actually, my first stick ever, back in the early to mid 80's, was a Brine Superlite 2. Seeing the Superlite name used again is kind of like attempting to run the same pair of socks a few days in a row, or being at a party and hearing a DJ play a song more than once throughout the evening (lame). We don't play that ish in NYC. A good DJ mixes it up and keeps it moving, you've got to be on top of that sock rotation son, and Brine, you couldn't come up with another name? Brine, hit me on the hip or via twitter, I'm available for consultation, but I digress. Regardless of the whole name thing, and depending on how you roll, this set-up is pretty, (dare I say?) clutch.   -@LaxwellSmart 
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