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LaxRax - Handcrafted Stick Holder
Words & photos (& record collection) by Laxwell Smart

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This holiday season right after you tell Santa that you've been really good, tell him to skip the electric s'mores maker you had your eye on. Holler at your boy Kris Kringle and tell him you'll pass on that hydraulic bar stool that you thought you wanted. In fact, show him who's boss and remind him that he'd better take a page from his own book and check that list twice, no make that three times - He better not even think about leaving another pack of no-show ankle socks under that damn tree. That's right, all you want for Christmas are the essentials, your two front teeth and a LaxRax.

Attention hard-core lax enthusiasts and hard-core lax-moms, if you're not hip to the wonders of a LaxRax, you don't know what you're missing. The LaxRax easily mounts to any surface with the screws provided and hangs flush against any wall, providing access to hooks that accommodate your lacrosse sticks.These are a game changer when it comes to conserving precious floor space. No more ruining the feng shui corners in your room or home with your randomly stored spoons. With a LaxRax, you can neatly, safely and conveniently hold and preserve your twigs in a way that would make both your mom and your boys proud at the same time. That never happens, how so?

The LaxRax is an elegant addition to any living room, den, man cave, bed room, dorm room or wherever you keep your sticks handy. I really like that these are hand crafted out of Cherry, and are clearly made with a particular attention to detail. The nature of owning handmade goods means that there are fewer of them in the world, making each piece and it's owner, unique. Two coats of high-gloss polyurethane protect the luxuriously finished wooden plaque adding a wonderfully polished look that will stand the test of time. The stick holders themselves seem to be finished with a layer that will be gentle on your shafts coating. You can even customize your LaxRax. Engrave yours with any message to even further an opportunity to enhance your decor by supporting your team or legacy, or simply customize yours to express your personal style.

We invest a lot of time and money into our lacrosse sticks so that we can have the best tool available to us when it's time for us to play the Creators Game. Why not ensure that our sticks are always preserved and ready when we need them? With a LaxRax hanging on your wall, you're communicating the notion that you're not just storing your lax sticks, you're displaying them in a tasteful way. I see the LaxRax as less of a storage solution and more of a piece of functional art. If you value your sticks the way any dedicated lacrosse player should, I am confident that once you set yourself up with a LaxRax, you'll feel the same way.

The LaxRax is a surefire conversation piece in any lax-friendly environment and once you start using a LaxRax for your sticks, you get the feeling your arsenal is always ready. Lacrosse game, where?  Let me at 'em!

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