Wednesday, November 9

[GEAR] LYLE THOMPSON Unboxing The New NIKE N7 Line!

"LYLE THOMPSON Inspired NIKE N7 Line Unboxing -  This November for Native American Appreciation Month, Nike N7 sent out a seeding kit to its high profile athletes and naturally Lyle Thompson got his. The line was inspired by Lyle, who was born into the HAWK CLAN and features black-and-white feather prints with a touch of turquoise. Watch as the inspiration himself unboxes his seeding kit here." [youtube: thompsonbrotherslacrosse] ... It's NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH, ya'll! This month, BLACK HISTORY MONTH and MOTHERS DAY or any other similar type of observation is every day of every month as far as we're concerned here at YYL.
  • ARTICLE: "Upstaters Witness North Dakota Pipeline Protests As Cops Swoop In " [] ... "Part of the donations included nearly 40 lacrosse sticks. Powless taught the kids how to play lacrosse on a small field built next to the Haudenosaunee sub-camp."
  • VIDEO:  "TEAM CANADA vs UNIVERSITY OF DENVER - In a matchup pitting the defending world lacrosse champions and one of the top collegiate programs in the US, the Canadian National team took on the Univ. of Denver in a fall ball scrimmage. Despite jumping out to an early lead, the Pioneers were unable to hold off the Candians, as Canada defeated DU by a score of 15-13" [youtube: laxdotcomtv]
  • VIDEO: THE JOURNEY, BONUS EPISODE - Outtakes from the U19 Men's Lacrosse World Championships in Coquitlam, British Columbia. [youtube: uslacrosse]
  • VIDEO: One-Handed Swat - The Fly Drill | Project 9 Lacrosse [youtube: paulrabil]




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