Thursday, April 13

"CORNELL vs SYRACUSE Lacrosse 2017 Highlights" [youtube: lacrossenation]
  • VIDEO: "In a lacrosse meeting pitting two of most recognizable high school programs in the country against one another, the McDONOGH boy’s lacrosse from Maryland team met Connecticut powerhouse NEW CANAAN at the famed Franklin Field in Philadelphia, PA. This non-traditional showdown featured two schools both recognized in the top 25 national rankings. Throughout the game, the Rams of New Canaan showed that they could hang tough with the program considered by many to be tops in the country but McDonogh would prove to be too much in the end, defeating New Canaan by a score of 13-8." [youtube: laxdotcomtv] 
  • VIDEO: "Lacrosse at AVON OLD FARMS School" [avonoldfarmsschool]
  • VIDEO: "Shooting Percentages | #ASKDYG - -Shooting percentage is an important thing when thinking about what makes a great shooter. It's common that those who shoot the most have greater odds of their shooting percentage dropping, but the great ones tend to keep it relatively high. Here's where we start when choosing to assess what we believe to be a great shooter." [youtube]
  • VIDEO: "FOA Beast Lab - What was old is new again. Breaking down the new referee mechanic and ball placement and how it gives a rebirth the old school stand up neutral grip faceoff. Multiple counters and balance allows us to bridge the gap against opponents who are naturally faster than us." [youtube: greggurenlian]


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