Sunday, May 7

SYRACUSE Legend RIC BEARDSLEY Drops Jewels on Instagram Live

So if you don't know who this guy is you'd better ask someone or crack your knuckles and get to Googling his legacy as one of, if not the best, (next to guys like Petramala) take-away long stick defenseman of all time. This guy was a BEAST (the original beast), and was a straight up terror with a d-pole. Rumor has it that during the 80's, the former SYRACUSE ORANGEMAN 4x Division I All-American, 2x Natty Champ RIC BEARDSLEY, stripped a famed ADELPHI attackman in a game, and then ROLLED.THE.BALL.BACK.TO.HIM ...  daring him, to attempt to dodge him again. Let that sink in for a minute. Who does that? We would love to get confirmation of this ridiculous feat from the man himself. Even if that's not true, there's no question that he's done equally as crazy, if not crazier things - just ask around.  Anyway, the screen shots you see above are taken from (the early part of) his epic INSTAGRAM LIVE stream from a couple of days ago where he dropped some serious jewels about a wide array of topics ranging from the benefits of attending instructional camps over recruiting showcases, to bringing takeaway-checks back to lacrosse. If you are new to the sport, just know that for a while, the advent of pinched stick technology may have deterred defensmen from stalking out and throwing junk, but now that stick width regulations have reverted back to a reasonable width, there's no reason why we can't train d-poles of today to press out and throw some checks. We'd love to see that style of one-on-one play again, and our sport needs guys like this on the front lines. Tired of seeing all these no-sense-of-history-having, Wordpress using (don't worry one day we'll redesign this site), new-jack, mumble-rap bumping, alley-cat-coat / hush-puppy-shoe-wearing (dig the Orange "Juice" Jones reference here), wet-behind-the-ears, young-buck, crumb-cakes present their interpretation of our sport. Furthermore, it would be nice to have an edgier vibe to compliment guys like Quint and Carc' (who do a great job) on ESPN. Beardsley has a series on his Youtube Page and Instagram Page (Go follow him now - Twitter too) that details how to perform a number of classic takeaway-checks as well as takeaway-checks he's invented for the modern game. Here he is demonstrating the classic "Front Kayak" ...
We look forward to seeing more content like this and hearing more from the man, the myth the legend. Luckily we're old enough to have watched him at 'Cuse in all their glory (on CBS mostly) and heard the stories from friends about this guy in college or the Empire State Games back in the 80's, and all we can say is, somebody get this guy a gig on ESPN - Pure edutainment! - Laxwell Smart
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