Wednesday, August 16

[BOXLA] Inside the Boards

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In my travels I was able to get up to Toronto and check out game 2 of the Ontario JR A final between Mimico and Six Nations Arrows.  After seeing the intensity and quality of play, I can’t help but think that this summer model beats the USA model of traveling all around to play in club tourneys.

The Canada model provides a higher level of competiveness and passion.  The Six Nations team was loaded with top talent, headlined by Austin Staats and Tehoka Nanicoke.  Nanicoke is scheduled to play for Albany this season, he is a total difference maker.  His size, physicality combined with the stick stills and IQ make him a dangerous player.  If you haven’t seen him look him up on YouTube. 

Staats played for OCC this past season and won a JUCO title.  If he declares eligible he would easily be a top 3 pick in the NLL Draft.  Unlike his brother Randy, the younger Staats is a crafty lefty.  His office is the half boards on the left side.  He is a deadly passer, dodger or shooter from that spot.

Goalie Doug Jamieson is already a New England Blackwolf.  Couldn’t be more impressed with his size and rebound control.

Six Nations swept the Ontario final 3-0, Mimico also qualifies for the Minto finals event this week in Brampton Ontario.  Ontario being host and gets two spots so Mimico gets a chance to redeem itself.

The ultimate in Canadian JR lacrosse is the Minto Cup, to win a team must go through provincial playoffs and then win a finals tournament.  Six Nations, Mimico will represent Ontario, Coquitlam is the British Columbia entrant, while Okotoks Raiders will be carrying banner for Alberta.  My money will be on Six Nations. 
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