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Editors note A big shout out to lacrosse legend and homie, CAM BOMBERRY  (SIX NATIONS / IROQUOIS NATIONALS / NAZARETH COLLEGE '92 NATTY CHAMP) for sharing a few words on how this ALPHA Lacrosse shaft might fair in a box / indoor lacrosse setting. 

This handle saw countless hands, traveling from the West Coast all the way to the Upper West Side of Manhattan (NYC), then making it's way up the New England shoreline to Rhode Island, then down to Florida, where our guy, a field lacrosse fogo, who goes by PROFESSOR X has it, and the last word with his review below ...

We have seen many advancements in our sticks over the past decades since the original steam bent woodies that have grown to become iconic to our game. One of the most revolutionary advancements in stick technology is that of the composite handle. A new wave of space age handles has flooded our markets and the boys over at Alpha Lacrosse seem to be doing it right. When I first saw one of their shafts I wasn't sure about the graphics and color way, which appeared to be gimmicky and lead me to believe that performance may not have been their primary goal. All my perceptions changed when I got my hands on one. I was immediately struck by just how light the shaft was, however it felt substantial in your hand and I immediately could tell this thing was a beast. The texture was also something I noticed. The Alpha shaft I tested has a sandblasted feel too it, providing grip and eliminating the need to add tape and the unnecessary weight that comes with it. After playing with the shaft for a while I also noticed another great advantage which was the snappiness of the stat and how lightning fast the release is. My only complaint of this shaft is that it's sandblasted texture eventually wore off resulting in the shaft having an almost plastic feel. I have never truly liked composite handles, but this I was a true fan of, and absolutely ranks up their, among the giants in the market. I am excited to see what this company has in their future. They seem to be taking steps in the right direction, as ALPHA has released new products since they dropped this particular shaft such as the recent A-Series shafts, and their first ever head, the Beta. I hope to see that they truly make an identity for themselves with perhaps some new innovative technology or a new outlook on the future of the lacrosse stick.

Professor X




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