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[MLL REPORT] Cannons with big Opportunity in #1 Pick

Cannons with big Opportunity in #1 Pick

Like MAJOR LEAGUE LACROSSE in general, 2017 wasn’t a great year for the BOSTON CANNONS. Headlined by a last place finish, the WILL MANNY trade and the departure of GM KEVIN BARNEY, by no metric could last season be considered a success. 

The CANNONS certainly haven’t stood still in the off season. The aforementioned parting of ways with BARNEY, the hiring of HOFer DOM STARSIA and BEN RUBEOR to the coaching staff have made headlines. Although, certainly outside the box, how the dynamics will work with HC SEAN QUIRK?

This week they acquired A/M RYAN WALSH and Defenseman SCOTT FIRMAN from the NY Lizards in exchange for Defenseman MATT LANDIS .  The CANNONS also received the LIZARDS 1st round pick in this months Supplemental draft.  LANDIS is an elite defender, while WALSH is a big left handed dodger.  Those two are the main pieces of the trade and both should have big impacts on their new teams.

The team has also announced a barnstorming tour of sorts with home games at ENDICOTT COLLEGE and HINGHAM HS. This brings the team to both the north and south shores. The team hopes this will expand their fan base, which arguably is the best in the league. 

On the field there are questions whether MAX SEIBALD and TYLER FIORITO will be returning as well. The drafting of BENNY PUGH in the Supplemental draft gives a clue maybe he is going to be the #1 going into the season.

That on top of the likes of BRODIE MERRILL, KEVIN BUCHANAN and KYLE JACKSON will have NLL commitments to start the season.

However, the biggest question and what will have the biggest impact will be is who they select with the 1st pick of the MLL draft. You look what FLORIDA did last year, their team was re made, They made the playoffs and look to be contenders moving forward with a shrewd draft day in 2017.

The first overall pick gives plenty of options and opportunities, this is a massive call, one that can propel the franchise or set it back into mediocrity for the foreseeable future.

The Candidates


The crafty left handed attackman from Albany is one of the brightest stars in college lacrosse. In fact, he may be the most dynamic attackman since LYLE THOMPSON.   After 3 seasons of NCAA lacrosse he numbers are off the charts with 278 points on 165 goals.

He would certainly make a suitable replacement for WILL MANNY on the left side of the CANNON attack. He is an outstanding ball carrier and passer to go along with his goal scoring ability.

There is a downside of picking of FIELDS. He is looking like he will be a NLL player as he has suited up for the OAKVILLE ROCK this past summer. He put up solid numbers against top competition in the MAJOR SERIES, putting up 43 points in 16 games.

If you are an MLL team picking a player first overall only to see him miss half a season is a very tough call, even though he may be the better player. The WALSH (also a lefty) acquisition may influence this call as well.  


He would certainly fill a major need for the CANNONS, a ball carrier from behind the goal. The CANNONS haven’t had this type of player since the departure of RYAN BOYLE. He at times looks like a man amongst boys in the Ivy League. He has good size and can dodge, pass or finish with either hand. In my opinion compares very favorably with ROB PANNELL, but with more size.

He seemingly won’t have any NLL commitments, as his skill set wouldn’t really doesn’t translate into the box game. 

Another interesting thing is his academic profile. If you saw his interview with PAUL CARCATERRA last season he is an aspiring medical student. What better place to continue your medical career than Boston? Also, worth noting the CANNONS have a good relationship with Boston Children’s Hospital.

If there is a downside it would be his impending medical career, what would commitment level be to MLL?


Perhaps the most dominant face off man in college lacrosse history. He has put up massive numbers his first three years at Denver with a career .704 FO%. He will be playing for Team USA this summer as well. Despite his prowess, FO is a position of strength for the CANNONS. JOE NARDELLA has proven to be a solid player, He has a career 54.7% in MLL.  It seemingly doesn’t make sense to pick BAPTISTE with the number one pick, unless there is a trade of some sort. It has to be mentioned that NARDELLA is coming off an ACL injury.


The sharpshooter is a straight up baller that can play either attack or midfield. Another thing I like about KELLY is he seems to come up huge in the clutch. Probably the best pure shooter available. In three years at College Park he has put up 82g/ 27a.

Downside? I don’t really see one in KELLY, what you see is what you get, someone who will be able to step into your lineup a produce from day one. KELLY may not be the sexy selection, but he may be the safest pick in my opinion.

Trade the pick? I suppose that is an option, but if you are not getting a top five current player that isn’t a great idea. Don’t rule this out though.


REAVES is the guy for me. There are very few attackmen that control the game behind the goal the way REAVES does. CANNONS haven’t had an attackman like him since CONNOR GILL

If not REAVES I would take KELLY, if you saw him in the Final Four last year to go along with his winning goal at the Team USA tryouts you know why. He has an it factor too, He may prove to be the best player in this class.

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