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[MLL Report] Predictions

NEW YORK (8-6) at DALLAS (11-3)

At the time of our last post, I didn’t even think the LIZARDS would qualify for the postseason.  The reasoning was there would be an FIL hangover.  Instead LIZARDS on TEAM USA players seemed to have used the FIL games as a springboard, as they have won 3 straight down the stretch since.

ROB PANNELL is on a roll - Can anyone stop him and the LIZARDS?  He broke his own season scoring record this year with 78 points (43g, 35a).  At this point he seems to be playing on a different level than anyone else in the MLL

While PANNELL and RABIL were away the LIZARDS left side has really come to life.  WALTERS, MANNY and TINNEY have given them another legit option. 

During the season the LIZARDS gave up the most goals in MLL.  But over the last two weeks they have only given up 12 & 11 goals.  Their group certainly is capable and DREW ADAMS is a great keeper. JAKE BERNHARDT was a big acquisition, giving their defensive unit a needed infusion of transition play.

The RATTLERS on the other hand have been the most consistent team all season and hold home field. 

JORDAN WOLF is leading the offense.  RYAN McNAMARA is one of the most underrated players in the MLL TY THOMPSON has had his best season to date w (36g, 3a).  Will BEN REEVES be in action? He looked great during WOLF’s FIL absence. 

During the season DALLAS was second in MLL goals against.  They played great as a unit. JOHN SEXTON has come in from NOTRE DAME and given them another dimension at LSM to go along with JOEL WHITE.

MATT DUNN is up for DPOY. He will be tested by PANNELL,  having "held" him to 3g, 2a in their last meeting a couple of weeks back.

The FO game appears to be pretty even.  DREW SIMONEAU and TOMMY KELLY have faced each other twice this season, with SIMONEAU holding only a slight advantage.  Both teams are solid in cage.

When you get down to it, I have to go with NEW YORK, PANNELL and their veterans to put them over the line.  It will be a higher scoring game.

DENVER (8-6) at CHESAPEAKE (9-5)

This is a game between the highest scoring team (DENVER: 225) against the team with the fewest goals allowed (CHESAPEAKE: 174). 

But the man who will have the biggest impact may be HC DAVE COTTLE.  How will use his offensive personal?  Top to bottom they may have the best offensive group in terms of individual talent.  But there is only one ball to go around.  COLIN HEACOCK led the team in scoring this season (23(1), 14) with 38 points.  But since LYLE THOMPSON and JOSH BYRNE has been reinserted since the WORLD GAMES he only has 3 points in the last three games.  How COTTLE sets up his offense is crucial.

On defense they have held opponents to a league best 3 games in single digits.  NIKO AMATO has been solid.  Their SSDMs ISAIAH DAVIS ALLEN and NICK MANIS are very underrated and will have a lot to say.  Another concern is STEPHEN KELLY was injured last week and may miss out.  CJ COSTABILE may have to step in and FO.

DENVER are the most consistent franchise since joining the MLL. ERIC LAW (40g, 18a) finished 3rd in MLL in scoring isn’t the most impressive athlete out there, but all he does is score goals and win.  Don’t underestimate this guy.  He leads the offense and is a winner.

They rival the LIZARDS for the best left side in MLL. CHRIS CLOUTIER has taken the league by storm in his rookie season.  He put up 40 points (26g, 14a) in just six games.  However he has picked up an injury and his availability is in doubt.  He isn’t their only option MATT KAVANAGH   (34g, 19a) and ZACH CURRIER can cause problems for the BAYHAWKS defense. 

Another guy to watch out for is JOSH HAWKINS, he is having a great season appearing in all 14 games putting up 6g, 4a from his SSDM position.  He had a great game in their win last win in ATLANTA last week.

When it is all said and done I will go with the BAYHAWKS.  Their offensive talent, great defense and home field will prevail. 

So, we like the LIZARDS and BAYHAWKS to advance, what do you think?  Let us know on TWITTER.  

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